Monday, February 18, 2019

Butterfly Gala

Who is ready for some dazzling colors with shimmer and shine? I think we all are! We are busting out the popular Butterfly Gala stamp set this time, and I am sure that the crew will make it shine!

This is a photopolymer set available in English and French:

Let's get to fluttering!

Blog Roll:

  1. Dawn Tidd
  2. Nikki Spencer
  3. Lou Kitzelman
  4. Jay Soriano
  5. Betty Traciak
  6. Kelly Kent
  7. Holly Krautkremer
  8. Sue Plote
  9. Mickey Roberts
  10. Jenny Hall
  11. Tanya Boser
  12. Lauren Alarid
  13. Cindy Elam
  14. Debra Burgin
  15. Stesha Bloodhart
  16. Bronwyn Eastley
  17. Ann Schach
  18. Charlet Mallett
  19. Linda Callahan

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