Monday, December 21, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Festival of Trees Edition

Ooooh, it is so close to Christmas, and you really need the break to just relax looking at stamping stuff, I know you do! Well, we are going to show you a bunch of great ways to use Festival of Trees!
Here is the stamp set (which is also available in French)

And the coordinating punch:

Or as a bundle: (also available in French)

Now, let the hopping begin!

Blog Roll:
  1. Bronwyn Eastley
  2. Betty Traciak
  3. Nikki Spencer
  4. Heidi Baks
  5. Deb Currier
  6. Debra Burgin
  7. Sue Plote
  8. Jessica Williams
  9. Dawn Tidd
  10. Nancy Smith
  11. Rochelle Blok
  12. Linda Callahan

Monday, December 7, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Jingle All the Way Edition

Welcome to a festive edition of the Stamp Review Crew! This is a month of hussle and bussle, work parties, family gatherings, and Secret Santas. Gift buying and cookie baking, decorating and wrapping, and CARD SENDING!! We have a fabulous stamp set and die set to feature this hop!
Jingle All the Way:
 And the Sleigh Ride dies:

 And you can buy them together as a bundle!

Are you ready for some inspiration? Here is the blog roll:
  1.  Dawn Tidd
  2. Heidi Baks
  3. Sue Plote
  4. Jessica Williams
  5. Nancy Smith
  6. Nikki Spencer
  7. Tanya Boser
  8. Rochelle Blok
  9. Betty Traciak
  10. Mike Funke
  11. Linda Callahan

Monday, November 16, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Wonderland Edition

 Welcome to another edition of the Stamp Review Crew! This time we are featuring a winter themed set that can be used for Christmas, breast cancer awareness, hunting, anything tready-antler themed, and masculine cards for all occasions. This makes it a must-have set, doesn't it?! Well, we can't wait to show you all kinds of good fun with this set.

Blog Roll:
  1.  Rochelle Blok
  2. Debra Burgin
  3. Tanya Boser
  4. Nikki Spencer
  5. Lisa Young
  6. Sue Plote
  7. Deb Currier
  8. Mike Funke
  9. Shana Gaff
  10. Linda Callahan
  11. Heidi Baks

Wonderland- Clear Mount #140365 $17 US

Wonderland-Wood Mount #139752 $23 US

Monday, November 2, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Lighthearted Leaves Edition

Autumn is in full swing here in the northern hemisphere, and we are excited to celebrate this glorious season with you. For so many of us, this is the absolute best weather all year! And who doesn't love an excuse to wear snuggley sweaters and to drink warm, sweet, rich drinks? Or to bake and eat anything pumpkin!
The set we are featuring this time taps into the zentangle trend, and stretches the use of those fabulous Leaflets framelits in the Annual Catalog!

And the framelits:

Now, let's see what the Crew has created!

Blog Roll:
  1.  Nikki Spencer
  2. Linda Callahan
  3. Holly Krautkremer
  4. Mike Funke
  5. Martha Inchley
  6. Dawn Tidd
  7. Sue Plote
  8. Jessica Williams
  9. Tanya Boser
  10. Yapha Mason
  11. Shana Gaff
  12. Debra Burgin
  13. Rochelle Blok
  14. Bronwyn Eastley

Monday, October 19, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: For All Things Edition

Time to play with a set that combines some amazingly wonderful things- fall, leaves, the watercolor look, and thanks! Who can resist all that goodness?! Not us! We can't wait to show you all the lovely ideas we have come up with for this set!

And we have a new stamper joining the Crew. Please give a very warm welcome to Sue Plote of!

Blog Roll:
  1. Mike Funke
  2. Nancy Smith
  3. Deb Currier
  4. Yapha Mason
  5. Shana Gaff
  6. Debra Burgin
  7. Linda Callahan
  8. Tanya Boser
  9. Heidi Baks
  10. Dawn Tidd
  11. Jennifer Timko
  12. Sue Plote
For All Things clear mount #135155  US $18
For all Things wood mount #135152  US $25
Aquarelle Automnale clear mount (French) #136985  US $18

Monday, October 5, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Happy Scenes Edition

It is the first Monday in October, and time to feature another stamp set! This time we are featuring Happy Scenes, a fun set that spans Autumn, Halloween, Christmas, and Winter! Who doesn't love a beautiful view, especially through the window when you are warm and cozy inside :)
This stamp set also has a coordinating die set, and does coordinate well with another stamp set, Festive Fireplace and the Festive Fireside dies. Lots of versatility here!

And the coordinating Hearth and Home thinlits:

Think of all the possibilities! Are you ready? We sure are!

Blog Roll:
  1. Bronwyn Eastley
  2. Yapha Mason
  3. Heidi Baks
  4. Holly Krautkremer
  5. Lisa Young
  6. Nancy Smith
  7. Dawn Tidd
  8. Nikki Spencer
  9. Linda Callahan
  10. Betty Traciak
  11. Jessica Williams
  12. Shana Gaff
  13. Sue Plote

Monday, September 21, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: No Bones About It Edition

Are you ready for a "roaring" good time? We sure are! This edition of the Stamp Review Crew is featuring a super fun set that will appeal to all kinds of kids, and a lot of adults too :) We can't wait to share all of our ideas with this set.

Here are the images for this set:

Blog Roll please!

  1. Heidi Baks
  2. Shana Gaff
  3. Martha Inchley
  4. Dawn Tidd
  5. Yapha Mason
  6. Jessica Williams
  7. Tanya Boser
  8. Nancy Smith

Monday, September 7, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Vintage Leaves Edition

It is September, and autumn will be starting so very soon for those of us in the northern hemisphere. I am thinking this must be so weird for those that live in the southern hemisphere :)  So many of us adore this season, and the lovely colors of the leaves! This set as so many possibilities, so many techniques waiting to be used! I can't wait to see what everyone has done :)

Images for this set:

And there are framelits too:

Here is the Blog Roll:
  1. Linda Callahan
  2. Mike Funke
  3. Shana Gaff
  4. Dawn Tidd
  5. Ann Schach
  6. Tanya Boser
  7. Deb Currier
  8. Heidi Baks
  9. Lisa Young
  10. Holly Krautkremer
  11. Debra Burgin
  12. Yapha Mason
  13. Bronwyn Eastley

Monday, August 17, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Awesomely Artistic Edition

We are back with another edition of the Stamp Review Crew, so glad you could join us! We chose to feature a stamp set that works very well to build collages and to accent other sets. It has so many great uses! It can go from somber to joyful in the blink of an eye!

Here are the images for this set:
There is a die that coordinates with the the label:

And I am sure that there is more than one product that will cut out the circle image. Think Circles framelits and Circle punches!

And now, the Blog Roll:

  1. Jennifer Timko
  2. Bronwyn Eastley
  3. Nikki Spencer
  4. Jessica Williams
  5. Rochelle Blok
  6. Shana Gaff
  7. Deb Currier
  8. Dawn Tidd
  9. Lisa Young
  10. Holly Krautkremer
  11. Mike Funke
  12. Tanya Boser
  13. Linda Callahan
  14. Wendy Weixler

Monday, August 3, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Crazy About You Edition

This edition of the Stamp Review Crew focuses on a sentimental set ;) There are sooo many great sentiments in this set! I just know that there are loads of things you will be able to create with it. I am so excited to see what everyone creates, I just know there will be some really creative uses!

Here are the images for this set:
And the coordinating dies:

There are also a couple of punches that coordinate with this set too! This set really packs a punch, lol!

Now for the Blog Roll:

  1. Nancy Smith
  2. Holly Krautkremer
  3. Debra Burgin
  4. Rochelle Blok
  5. Shana Gaff
  6. Yapha Mason
  7. Betty Traciak
  8. Nikki Spencer 
  9. Dawn Tidd
  10. Mike Funke
  11. Lisa Young
  12. Tanya Boser
  13. Deb Currier
  14. Heidi Baks
  15. Jessica Williams
  16. Wendy Weixler