Monday, November 16, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Wonderland Edition

 Welcome to another edition of the Stamp Review Crew! This time we are featuring a winter themed set that can be used for Christmas, breast cancer awareness, hunting, anything tready-antler themed, and masculine cards for all occasions. This makes it a must-have set, doesn't it?! Well, we can't wait to show you all kinds of good fun with this set.

Blog Roll:
  1.  Rochelle Blok
  2. Debra Burgin
  3. Tanya Boser
  4. Nikki Spencer
  5. Lisa Young
  6. Sue Plote
  7. Deb Currier
  8. Mike Funke
  9. Shana Gaff
  10. Linda Callahan
  11. Heidi Baks

Wonderland- Clear Mount #140365 $17 US

Wonderland-Wood Mount #139752 $23 US

Monday, November 2, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Lighthearted Leaves Edition

Autumn is in full swing here in the northern hemisphere, and we are excited to celebrate this glorious season with you. For so many of us, this is the absolute best weather all year! And who doesn't love an excuse to wear snuggley sweaters and to drink warm, sweet, rich drinks? Or to bake and eat anything pumpkin!
The set we are featuring this time taps into the zentangle trend, and stretches the use of those fabulous Leaflets framelits in the Annual Catalog!

And the framelits:

Now, let's see what the Crew has created!

Blog Roll:
  1.  Nikki Spencer
  2. Linda Callahan
  3. Holly Krautkremer
  4. Mike Funke
  5. Martha Inchley
  6. Dawn Tidd
  7. Sue Plote
  8. Jessica Williams
  9. Tanya Boser
  10. Yapha Mason
  11. Shana Gaff
  12. Debra Burgin
  13. Rochelle Blok
  14. Bronwyn Eastley