Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Quilt

Merry Christmas friends! Well, not quite. But it is really close! And we are finally featuring a Christmas set this year. Some years we go a little overboard with the Christmas sets, so this year we toned it back a bit. We are featuring Christmas Quilt this time! It has not gotten quite enough attention, and we are going to try to fix that 😊

This set is available in English and French:

Has a coordinating framelit set called Quilt Builder:

And comes in bundles in English and French:

Now, let's get hopping!

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  3. Kelly Kent
  4. Dawn Tidd
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  6. Tanya Boser
  7. Cindy Elam
  8. Holly Krautkremer
  9. Mike Funke
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  13. Mickey Roberts

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