Monday, January 18, 2016

Stamp Review Crew: Endless Birthday Wishes Edition

Endless Birthday Wishes! How true that is. We always need more birthday cards, and this set really delivers! With it's cute font and many variations in phrasing, it is a very versatile set for birthdays :) I bet we sneak in some non-birthday uses for this set too, lol.
And for more variety, how about the French version:

And now for the blog roll:
  1.  Martha Inchley
  2. Jessica Williams
  3. Dawn Tidd
  4. Shana Gaff
  5. Valerie Moody
  6. Tanya Boser
  7. Lisa Young
  8. Linda Callahan
  9. Yapha Mason
  10. Holly Krautkremer
  11. Sue Plote
  12. Nikki Spencer
  13. Debra Burgin
  14. Wendy Weixler
  15. Rochelle Blok

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