Monday, September 1, 2014

Stamp Review Crew: Mosaic Madness Edition

Wow, the kids are almost all back in school and the sun is going down faster every night! I hope everyone has enjoyed the last hooray of this summer season :) We are back with another hop full of inspiration for you. So, go grab a cup of coffee, tea, or diet coke and settle in for a good time!

Mosaic Madness is a fun set you can use for any occasion, on any kind of project. It is what I call on element stamp set, meaning it is a graphic image with no specific holiday, occasion, event, gender, or age attached to it.

Now it is time to see what everyone has created!

Blog Roll

    1. Kerry Willard-Bray
    2. Nancy Smith
    3. Holly Krautkremer
    4. Shana Gaff
    5. Deb Currier
    6. Mike Funke
    7. Ann Schach
    8. Beth Beard
    9. Paula Wright
    10. Dawn Tidd
    11. Tanya Boser

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