Monday, August 4, 2014

Stamp Review Crew: Flower Patch Edition

Welcome back! We are featuring Flower Patch this time, and it is the second set that we used on our Display Board for convention this year. So if you were at convention, now you get to see the projects up close, and a few that just wouldn't fit on the board :)

We don't usually feature a brand new set, but we made an exception for convention. Even for a group of our size, 40-50 projects with just one set would have been just a little too limiting :) This is a set that almost all of us ended up getting, and had already been planning to get, and it had those wonderful coordinating framelits! Then, right before convention, the MDS version came out too. Be still my heart!

 Blog Roll please!
  1. Mike Funke
  2. Betty Traciak
  3. Kerry Willard Bray
  4. Wendy Weixler
  5. Tanya Boser
  6. Nancy Smith
  7. Heidi Baks
  8. Dawn Tidd
  9. Lisa Young
  10. Holly Krautkremer
  11. Yapha Mason
  12. Debra Burgin
  13. Jill Coleman
  14. Adriana Benitez
  15. Beth Beard
  16. Shana Gaff


  1. A question for all of the wonderful Stamp Review Crew members: "What do you do to achieve a good inked image of the large solid image of this stamp set?" Some of us are struggling with this. Thank you for your help and inspiration.

    1. Personally, I set the stamp on the inkpad and then apply light pressure until I can see that the surface is covered in ink. No tap, tap, tap like you would with rubber. Now, I don't mean mash it into the inkpad, but gently press it into the pad, not just onto the pad.
      I hope this helps :)

    2. Thank you, Tanya. I'm getting much better images using your advice. Hard to break that tap, tap, tap habit!!