Monday, April 21, 2014

Stamp Review Crew: Six-Sided Sampler Edition

Time to challenge our design team with a set of hexagons! How much can you do with several versions of the same set? We are about to find out!

Blog Roll

  1. Shana Gaff
  2. Tanya Boser
  3. Betty Traciak
  4. Dawn Tidd
  5. Heidi Baks
  6. Kerry Willard Bray
  7. Mike Funke
  8. Yapha Mason
  9. Cindy Beach
  10. Holly Krautkremer
  11. Deb Currier
  12. Paula Wright
  13. Jill Coleman
  14. Wendy Weixler 
Did you enjoy the hop as much as we did? Share your thoughts and suggestions, we love to hear what you have to say!

Need more ideas for other sets? Check out the archive of our hops on the sidebar. Every hop stays intact forever, so you can hop anytime :) 

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