Monday, August 17, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Awesomely Artistic Edition

We are back with another edition of the Stamp Review Crew, so glad you could join us! We chose to feature a stamp set that works very well to build collages and to accent other sets. It has so many great uses! It can go from somber to joyful in the blink of an eye!

Here are the images for this set:
There is a die that coordinates with the the label:

And I am sure that there is more than one product that will cut out the circle image. Think Circles framelits and Circle punches!

And now, the Blog Roll:

  1. Jennifer Timko
  2. Bronwyn Eastley
  3. Nikki Spencer
  4. Jessica Williams
  5. Rochelle Blok
  6. Shana Gaff
  7. Deb Currier
  8. Dawn Tidd
  9. Lisa Young
  10. Holly Krautkremer
  11. Mike Funke
  12. Tanya Boser
  13. Linda Callahan
  14. Wendy Weixler

Monday, August 3, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Crazy About You Edition

This edition of the Stamp Review Crew focuses on a sentimental set ;) There are sooo many great sentiments in this set! I just know that there are loads of things you will be able to create with it. I am so excited to see what everyone creates, I just know there will be some really creative uses!

Here are the images for this set:
And the coordinating dies:

There are also a couple of punches that coordinate with this set too! This set really packs a punch, lol!

Now for the Blog Roll:

  1. Nancy Smith
  2. Holly Krautkremer
  3. Debra Burgin
  4. Rochelle Blok
  5. Shana Gaff
  6. Yapha Mason
  7. Betty Traciak
  8. Nikki Spencer 
  9. Dawn Tidd
  10. Mike Funke
  11. Lisa Young
  12. Tanya Boser
  13. Deb Currier
  14. Heidi Baks
  15. Jessica Williams
  16. Wendy Weixler

Monday, July 20, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Watercolor Wings Edition

Watercolor and butterflies! What could say summer more than this?! We are so excited to show off our skills with this fabulous new set. With the design of these stamps, you really don't even have to do watercoloring to achieve a wonderful image that looks like you watercolored :)

Here are the images in the set:

And the matching framelits:

Let's get fluttering!

Blog Roll:

  1. Martha Inchley
  2. Mike Funke
  3. Betty Traciak
  4. Dawn Tidd
  5. Debra Burgin
  6. Holly Krautkremer
  7. Shana Gaff
  8. Deb Currier
  9. Nancy Smith
  10. Jessica Williams
  11. Heidi Baks
  12. Tanya Boser
  13. Lisa Young
  14. Bronwyn Eastley
  15. Ann Schach
  16. Jennifer Timko 
  17. Rochelle Blok
  18. Nikki Spencer

Monday, July 6, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Sprinkles of Life Edition

Ready for some fun with a brand new stamp set? We sure are! There are tons of things you can do with this set, for all kinds of reasons. Plus, for every set sold, Stampin' Up! donates $3 to Ronald McDonald House charities! We want to make this set irresistible to everyone so we raise lots of money to help families with a sick child and need somewhere to stay while their child is in the hospital.
Here is what the set looks like:

And bonus, there is a matching punch!

Let's get this show on the road!

Blog Roll:
  1. Tanya Boser
  2. Betty Traciak
  3. Rochelle Blok
  4. Dawn Tidd
  5. Lisa Young
  6. Yapha Mason
  7. Martha Inchley
  8. Mike Funke
  9. Jessica Williams
  10. Ann Schach
  11. Holly Krautkremer
  12. Bronwyn Eastley
  13. Shana Gaff
  14. Debra Burgin
  15. Linda Callahan

Monday, June 15, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Petite Petals Edition

I don't know about all of you, but I have been planting a lot of flowers the last couple of weeks. And now, we are STAMPING a bunch of flowers with this fun set of stamps! There is a coordinating punch too, so yeah! No fussy cutting :) Let's go check out the garden of creativity that the Crew has made this time :)

Blog Roll:
  1. Debra Burgin
  2. Yapha Mason
  3. Deb Currier
  4. Bronwyn Eastley
  5. Dawn Tidd
  6. Rochelle Blok
  7. Mike Funke
  8. Betty Traciak
  9. Tanya Boser
  10. Lisa Young
  11. Jennifer Timko
  12. Shana Gaff
  13. Adriana Benitez
  14. Holly Krautkremer
  15. Heidi Baks
  16. Linda Callahan

Monday, June 1, 2015

Stamp Review Crew: Dotty Angles Edition

Welcome to this edition of the Stamp Review Crew! We are featuring a fun, and oh so versatile, stamp set today. It is light that little black dress we should all have in the closet. It adapts to so very many styles, and really has no gender or age limitations. It cries out to be used with all kinds of techniques too! Let's go see what our stampers have created with this set, Dotty Angles:

Blog Roll:
  1. Rochelle Blok
  2. Deb Currier
  3. Nancy Smith
  4. Tanya Boser
  5. Shana Gaff
  6. Heidi Baks
  7. Holly Krautkremer
  8. Debra Burgin

    Monday, May 18, 2015

    Stamp Review Crew: Four Feathers Edition

    Welcome to another edition of the Stamp Review Crew! This time we are featuring a small but mighty stamp set, Four Feathers. It had a relatively short run, but is now retiring, so it you are as inspired by these stampers as I have been, get yours now before the set and framelits go away.

    And the coordinating dies:

    Blog Roll:
    1. Mike Funke
    2. Kerry Willard Bray
    3. Bronwyn Eastley
    4. Lisa Young
    5. Deb Currier
    6. Tanya Boser
    7. Heidi Baks
    8. Dawn Tidd
    9. Rochelle Blok
    10. Holly Krautkremer
    11. Martha Inchley
    12. Wendy Weixler
    13. Nancy Smith
    14. Linda Callahan